Jackthreads.com Website Review & Ratings + Jackthreads Coupons
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Jackthreads.com Website Review & Ratings + Jackthreads Coupons

JackThreads offers menswear, everything from shoes to shirts and watches. Take A Hike, for example, is a sale on shirts and jackets. But JackThreads offers much more than just plaid and denim shirts. They offer rare luminous green shoes and Buy-One-Get-One deals on Spring shoes. They also sell rare wooden sunglasses.

And they don't stop at shades. The Party Lounge is a sale on a variety of 60's and 70's era items. Shoppers will find Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Pink Floyd memorabilia. Door beads, shot glasses, and thermos bottles make shopping interesting. Those who need a shot will find whisky flasks and Tiki mugs. At least JackThreads isn’t boring.

Sears shoppers will be shocked.

JackThreads offers hope to people who hate TV. One store ad shows an angry young man destroying one. He seems to be enjoying himself.

Buyers can celebrate. JackThreads offers leading brands like 10.Deep, The Hundreds, and Members Only at prices reduced by 50-80%. The following items are available:

Jackthreads: What makes it different?
  • Sale Prices - JackThreads offers 50-80% off original prices. Lower prices are extremely unlikely.
  • Range of Styles - Buyers will find casual and dress shirts, dock and dress shoes.
  • Range of Products - Where else can shoppers find shirts, denims, shoes, jackets, hats, cell phone carry cases, Tiki mugs, shot glasses, door beads, wooden shades, earphones, watches, sweaters, socks, wine books, bracelets, ties, belts, tie bracelets, laptop covers, notebooks, radios, rugs, whiskey flasks, thermos bottles, wallets, card cases, scarfs, knapsacks, cuff links, necklaces, and Pink Floyd paintings?
  • Quality - JackThreads offers quality brands not found in other stores.
  • Men's Specialty - Shoppers need not look through product lines irrelevant to them. JackThreads carries clothing for men.
  • Novelty Items - In addition to clothing, shoppers will find nice deals on Hendrix and Pink Floyd stuff.
  • Constant Sales - JackThreads runs different sales constantly. All sales currently on their website end within 48 hours. New sales follow.
  • Professional Sports Brands - JackThreads carries merchandise from professional sports teams.
Jackthreads vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Jackthreads)

JackThreads competes with Banana Republic and Cabela's. In most ways, JackThreads is better than Banana Republic:

  • JackThreads beats them on price. Who can afford the latter?
  • JackThreads offers comparable quality.
  • JackThreads has the urban edge. Wise people won't be caught dead wearing some of Banana Republic's stuff in an American city, especially at night. Some of their clothing seems to say, "I'm loaded. Please rob me." JackThreads' clothing is far more street wise.
  • JackThreads offers great accessories not available at their competitors.

But Banana Republic has some advantages:

  • They offer more dress clothing that's still casual.
  • Their clothing is perhaps better for campus.
  • They offer a broader range of clothing, including suits.

Jackthreads competes favorably against Cabela's:

  • JackThreads is more urban savvy.
  • JackThreads offers better prices.
  • JackThreads' quality is better.
  • JackThreads offers accessories not available at Cabela's.

But Cabela's has some advantages:

  • They offer a broader range of casual clothing, including outdoor wear.
  • They offer specialty clothing.
  • They offer cheap shipping, currently $2 for orders over $49.
Jackthreads: Pricing & packages

JackThreads is best. Spring sweaters are only $9.99! Compare that to $59.99 sweaters at Banana Republic. JackThreads currently has a 70% off sale on certain jackets, shirts, boots, and shoes. Shoppers will not find better deals at competitors. Shoppers must hurry. Some brands are gone. The City Swagger sale offers certain shirts and pants at 80% off original price. Competitors can't compete. JackThreads' boot prices range from $29.99 to $204.99. Banana Republic doesn't offer boots. Though Cabela's offers a broader range of boots, their cheapest is $50. JackThreads' sale on colorful sunglasses is Buy 2, Get 1. Competitors offer no sale. JackThreads' spring jackets start at $24.99, while Banana Republic's jackets are more expensive, ranging from $89.95 for a sherpa-lined hooded jacket to $350 for a leather moto jacket. Cabela's offers a nylon fishing jacket for $29.99 and a three-season jacket for $39.99. Both jackets are more expensive than JackThreads', and other than anglers, who wants to wear a fishing jacket?

Jackthreads: Product images & screenshots
Jackthreads Coupons
Jackthreads: Customer reviews & comments

" JackThreads is the members-only shopping club that serves up the freshest street, skate, and surfwear brands at prices up to 80% less than retail." - Talkreviews.com

"The site is operated by Thrillest.com, an extremely popular men’s lifestyle publication that focuses in on major metropolitan areas like San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC. Thrilled purchased Jackthreads in May of 2010 and used the platform to enter the e-commerce market. With the perfect customer base already subscribing to your newsletters, it looks to be a successful venture...

Jackthreads negotiates clothing deals with brands for that may have been over produced, unsold, or late fashions. They then pass on the discount that they’re able to acquire to you, the consumer. Often these social e-commerce websites promise the vendor (in this case brand) a certain number of sales. Once that level of sales is reached, everyone is able to receive the discount." - BenHebert.com

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Dustin Grigg — 63 months ago
4.0 Star Rating: Recommended
“jackthreads.com get you the cloths you want for a cheap price. a amazing website”

i have a lot of good thing's to say about jackthreads the prices are lower than any of the retail stores out there. they ship your product to you in under a month but the shipping process is the only reason i give jackthreads a 4 instead of a 5 the shipping is a little slow but other than that it is a amazing website. Also last but not least jackthreads have a wide variety of items in stock and new items in everyday the deals are amazing i tell all my friends about this website and they love ... read more

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